NCIAP Management

NCIAP Medical Care, Inc. is a non-profit organization. Its Board of Directors constitutes distinguished members of the community. The NCIAP Board of Directors is responsible for making policy decisions and an Executive Committee is responsible to ensure implementation of policy decisions, with support from executive director and clinical staff. NCIAP Advisory board meets periodically and provides valuable advise and suggestions to help improve operations and meet the goal and commitment of providing quality health care to under-served population.

NCIAP Executive Committee

NCIAP Board of Directors


NCIAP Board of Advisors

Raj Makkam – MD

TIPS Executive Committee

Pavan Yerramsetty, MD

TIPS Executive Committee

Ashwin Patkar, MD

TIPS Executive Committee

Anil Kasula, MD

Mani Sundaram

Subhash Gumber, MD

Dilip Gandhi

Tejpal Singh Dhillon, MD

Hari H. Nath Mathur

Chacko Verghese

Micky Verma

Pankaj parikh – MD

Sharad Vora – MD

Nishant Munjal

Ravi Reddy

Vimal Kollapa

Simmi Prasad